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Magnetic Energy Generator- Free Energy from Magnets

During the course of searching for sustainable sources of energy, I came across an energy generator that doesn’t emit any pollutants and runs continuously without the need for fuel.  This energy source involves the use of magnets to produce electricity.

What is this marvel of science?  It is the magnetic energy generator.  The theory behind this technology has been around for a long time, but in 2000 a US patent was issued for the magnetic energy generator to inventors; Thomas Bearden, James Haynes, Stephen Patrick, James Kenny and Kenneth Moore.

The magnetic energy generator, as the term indicates, utilizes magnets to provide electricity with pulses created by setting the magnets in opposing alignment.  This alignment draws on the theory of zero-point energy.  Zero-point energy states, in layman’s  terms, that there exists in empty space (a vacuum) energy that can be charged to create energy.  This magnetic energy generator thus draws energy, extracting that energy from the vacuum energy in its surroundings.


Another advantage that I discovered during my research is that the magnetic energy generator once built will run for several lifetimes.  It has been described as a perpetual-motion machine. Estimates of its serviceable life are 400 years, give or take 100 years.  Fair to say you would not have to replace it in your lifetime or your children’s or their children’s.  This is very great advantage.  As a perpetual-motion machine, it would be started and with little maintenance continue to run.  This was the machine that they were searching for during the beginning of the Industrial Age.  This would have been the machine that would continue to run without the breakdowns and high energy costs that marked the machines of that age.  And imagine how much cleaner the environment would be without the pollutants that have been deposited into the air and water in the intervening period.

Well, here we have an energy generator that will run for a lifetime.  A machine that, when operating, doesn’t pollute the environment.  What could be better?  How about if it could save you money?  It will and it can and perhaps, depending on your electrical usage, save you a lot of money.  The magnetic energy generator added to other alternative sources of energy generation (wind and solar) could power the entire house.

Another advantage of the magnetic energy generator is its compact size and that it can be used in places where there may be limited electrical service or where you may want to be off the grid.  While others are experiencing blackout due to storms or other emergencies, you will still have electricity, without the noise and fumes of a gasoline generator.  Hey, the sun may not always shine and the wind may not always blow, but magnets continue to attract.

Where can you find a magnetic energy generator?  I asked myself the same thing and began searching the internet.  The only one I could find was from a company in Singapore and they didn’t list a price.  So where can you and I get one?  I found a company that sells the plans for how to create a home unit and it is Magniwork.  They sell plans to build your own generator with items that can be purchased inexpensively from your local hardware store.  Including the plans; the generator can be built for under $200. That’s certainly less than my electric bill.

To visit the Magniwork website and purchase plans for your magnetic energy generator click here

As a sustainable energy source, the magnetic energy generator has a lot of things going for it. This motor can, after starting, run for your lifetime, run cleanly without pollutant discharge, and save you money.

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