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Solar Panels-Energy from the Sun part 2

Governmental agencies and corporations realize the benefits of solar power and are beginning to embrace solar technology. On a recent visit to Oregon, I was able to visit a solar array project installed as a joint effort between the local power company and the Oregon Department of Transportation. Using this array they are powering a stretch of the highway lighting system. The project manager, Mark Osborne, told me that this installation will pay for itself in 5 years.

President Obama announced in October of this year, while visiting a solar farm in central Florida, $3.4 billion in federal stimulus grants to modernize the power grid in the US. For the home owner, solar panels provide electrical power off the grid, which great for homes in remote locations, vacation homes, cabins and anyone wanting to reduce their monthly electric bills. If the home has electric service, any excess electricity produced can be sold back to the power company, in most cases, in the form of a credit. In areas where the panels receive fewer hours of sunshine, other forms of alternative energy production can augment the solar panels.  Some sources would be wind turbines and magnetic energy generators. One the largest disadvantage to solar panels has been the price. It can be expensive to purchase all the panels necessary to power the average home, but I found a better way to outfit your home for solar. There are companies that offer the average individual plans to build electric producing solar panels. One of these companies is To visit Earth4energy website click here. These plans include how to build the solar panels, where to place the panels and how to calculate your energy needs. They are also including plans for a wind turbine. Wind energy is another natural way to create electricity when the sun isn’t shining. When coupled with other alternative energy sources, solar energy is safer for the enivornment and  a renewable resource.  A win-win.

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