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Ocean Power Technologies OPT is headquartered in Pennington New Jersey. OPT’s “PowerBouy” has been deployed commercially in six locations: Atlantic City, NJ, Oahu, Hawaii, Santona, Spain, Hayle, England, Reedsport, Oregon and Cross Bay ,Oregon.
In Oahu, OPT is working with the US Navy and Marines at the Marine base supplying electricity from the offshore PowerBouy array.

The "PowerBuoy" on a trailer

The "PowerBuoy" on a trailer

Deployed OPT PowerBuoy

OPT's "PowerBuoy" deployed

As you can see by the photographs, the bulk of the “PowerBouy” is located under the surface of the ocean and, with its design; it can be used to mount navigation signals. Communication devices and monitoring equipment can also be mounted on the buoy. They have designed their trademarked “Talk on Water” that allows boaters to use cell phones offshore, a great benefit for boaters if an emergency arises.

VOITH Hydro Wavegen Limited is headquartered in Germany with offices and manufacturing facilities in Inverness, Scotland on the North Sea. In Islay, Scotland, Voith Hydro has a tide turbine generator built on the shoreline that looks like a concrete bunker.
Their offshore tidal current turbine looks like a wind turbine, but this one is underwater, as can be seen on this video produced by Voith Hydro. The blades are approximately 26 feet in diameter and seven stories high.

pelamis wave power Ltd is headquartered in Edinburgh Scotland. Their Pelamis Wave Energy Converter has the appearance of a segmented snake that is partially submerged when deployed. The joints incorporate hydraulic rams which pump the high-pressure fluid through motors when the wave passes along the unit.
Pelamis units are used at the first commercial wave farm at Agucadoura, Portugal and a phase of the project is planned for the near future.

There are undoubtedly numerous other companies and designs, but these are fine examples of the work that is being done in the wave power generation field.

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